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Organizational and Individual Assessment Suite 

That's Right For Your Journey!

No matter what your desired outcome, it’s good to know where you stand now to know what steps you need to take to get to where you want to be. Bruce A. Thomas Coaching is certified to administer, interpret, and coach around the below assessments that are designed for you and your journey.

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How do you currently systematically measure and improve engagement levels in your company? In your opinion, what are the three biggest issues in your business, right now, that would measurably improve with greater engagement?   

The Engagement Multiplier tech platform is an anonymous web-based tool for measuring employee engagement and culture that allows your employees to give feedback about what they really think and feel about your business.


You have to be brave to listen to such feedback, but the unparalleled insights you gain into your employee’s experience helps you measurably improve culture, retention, and profitability by building action plans to deliver actual change that will solve real problems.

To make change, you must first uncover the truth. With a free account you get a complete engagement assessment that delivers quantifiable scores and honest feedback, so that you truly know where your company stands and where to focus to make an impact right away.

Click on the icon to take a preview survey that allows you to put yourself in the mindset of your people and see how you believe they would score your business. When you’re ready, you can get an Engagement Report™ for your whole company completely FREE and compare your preview score with your true Engagement Score™.

Benchmarks 360 Suite.png

The Center of Creative Leadership (CCL) Benchmarks® Suite includes Benchmarks® for Executives™, Benchmarks® for Managers™, 

Benchmarks® by Design™, Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™, and Skillscope®.  These four research-based 360-degree instruments with a consistent reporting format will help organizations create a common leadership language and consistent feedback process at multiple levels through the company.


They include the online tool CCL Compass™. CCL Compass transforms personal data into actionable plans easily and without delay. No more information overload as you try to determine next steps. CCL Compass analyzes, interprets, and presents assessment data in a concise and understandable way — individuals can transition immediately from reviewing insights to making positive changes in the areas most relevant to them.

Together we will partner to:

  • Read & interpret your assessment report.

  • Facilitate effective feedback & coaching.

  • Connect feedback and coaching to your targeted goal-setting.

  • Customize our coaching sessions based on your developmental needs.

DRiV Logo.png

DRiV is a powerful analytical tool for organizational and personal growth developed by Leadership Worth Following.  


What Drives Your Team?  The DRiV provides insight into what drives and drains people in their careers. Drivers represent what people care most about, where they want to focus their energy and what they expect from themselves, from others, and from work. The DRiV enables you to optimize individual and collective drivers–positively impacting your entire organization, both today and for the future.


Drivers Matter! Drivers predict who leads and how they will do it. Drivers can make or break teamwork, and they impact where your people will fit and thrive.

Use the DRiV for:

  • Leadership Development

  • Selection & Onboarding

  • Organization Culture

  • Team Building & Workshops

Click on the icon and take 20 minutes to complete the DRiV inventory and gain insight into what drives and drains your energy.

MBTI Certified Logo.png

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the world’s most popular personality tools.


It’s simple, yet powerful, and introduces a common language for referring to and discussing personality preferences that play an essential role in our everyday life. The MBTI assessment and its process of self-discovery give you a framework for understanding yourself and appreciating differences in others.


Your natural preferences in four keyareas sort into one of 16 distinct patterns of behavior called personality types. Knowing your Myers-Briggs personality type gives you a much better idea of what makes you tick, and how that translates into all aspects of your life.


Understanding yourself and others provides a unique perspective and opens up possibilities—in your job, your relationships, your life.

Please contact me for information about completing a MBTI Step I or Step II assessment, or hosting a MBTI workshop.  

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