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Success Stories

Smiling Business Woman

"Bruce helped me to further developed professionally and personally. My "Wheel of Life” was very helpful to learn that my life is not balanced and what I need to do to balance it.  He helped me let go of limiting beliefs and believe in myself and become more positive about me and situations around me.  Bruce is a great listener; he asked questions to allow thinking and analyzing; and provided feedback; He was honest, genuine, personable, allowed me to be me and feel comfortable in speaking up; provided resources; allowed me to set the agenda.  I just want to thank you again Bruce for taking time out of your busy schedule to coach me.  It has been a pleasure."

Lisa S.,

Federal Executive

"As President and CEO of FailSafe-ERA, it is our mission to help those individuals that have been affected by incarceration.  Coaching and mentoring provide the returning citizen (formerly incarcerated) with the tools they need to develop their own personal roadmap to become a successful and productive citizen, as they transition back into the community.  Having someone guide them through some of the challenges they face increases their personal and professional development.  Without judgment, Bruce impacted the life of our returning citizen in many ways that has a life-long effect not only on our client, but also many others.  Thanks to Bruce our returning citizen was inspired to develop a documentary that portrayed his life and to share his story with high school students.  Through this effort, many young men lives were changed by his story.  

Here is a link to his documentary:"

Juanita Shanks

President and CEO



“Thank you for the awesome presentation you gave today on Followership.  I had heard good things about the presentation and in my opinion they were wrong.  Your presentation was not good, it was great!  The use of the video, different strategies to keep the audience engaged and authenticity of the presentation was simply empowering.”

Ditu Kasuyi

President/CEO, Kasuyi & Associates

Advisory Board President, Urban Financial Services Coalition

Leadership Coach


"I chose Bruce Thomas as my coach which was a requirement for completing the Executive Leadership Program sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. It turned out to be one of the best career decisions I ever made. He prepares very well for each session with examples. He is flexible but more importantly he held me accountable for what we agreed on with lots of follow-up."

Emmanuel A.



“Bruce is a great mentor and coach. Totally committed to improving my professional and personal life. He guided me with his knowledge whole heartedly. I felt a wide and open connection from the first time we spoke on the phone to schedule our sessions. I've seen a very positive impact on my professional career.  One day he told me "if you can dream about it, you can do it".  His energy, passion and spirit are a vivid example of a great human been. I highly recommend Mr. Thomas as a coach or mentor. I'm fortunate to have had an honest, sincere and energetic coach like Bruce, at this point in my professional and personal life."

Melvin R.,

Federal Government Supervisor

"Bruce Thomas is a natural coach and facilitator. Bruce has uncommon ability to listen, connect and provide insight into areas that I struggled to articulate on my own. The process was both enjoyable but also challenging. Being that it was my first experience with a life coach I didn’t know what to expect and was a bit apprehensive. However, Bruce provided a space for organic development and enough structure for reflection. I would definitely do this again with Bruce!"

Michael G.

Youth Pastor

Mike preaching.jpg
Professional Man

"Bruce made me more aware of the possibility of success by helping me realize that if I need to take the time and effort to invest in myself. When I got stuck due do a difficult work situation, Bruce helped me to refocus on myself. Now I’m on my way and my main goal of changing my adverse work situation was accomplished. Bruce’s patience and clarity of thought made a big difference in the effectiveness of our sessions."


Public Communications


“I was looking for strategies and skills to help me achieve a better balance between work and home, and being able to separate the two.  I wanted to enable myself to "leave work at work.”  For me, the biggest benefit to my coaching sessions with Bruce was the targeted questions that helped me vocalize things I already knew but never admitted or said.  I think I knew the answers to most of my questions, but having direct questions to guide me helped my mind meet my heart. I was able to find more activities I enjoyed outside of work, which helped me leave some work stresses at my desk for the next day.  It helped me recognize strengths I have, and allowed me to take advantage of those to a higher degree in my work environment.  I found the introspection helpful to my overall happiness and health!”

Jessica R.,


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