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Executive Coaching

Investing in the development and retention of your top talent is a vital investment. Current and emerging senior-level managers will benefit from Bruce A. Thomas' one-on-one executive coaching.  


Bruce A. Thomas’ executive coaching is aimed at improving the performance of high-powered executives within an organization and is similar to sports coaching for high-performance athletes. Your blind spots will be exposed and you’ll be challenged to achieve greater levels of success.

Unlike middle managers or front-line staff, executives are in a unique position at the top of their organization. Executive coaching engagements usually begin with a 360-degree assessment designed to address the specific leadership issues of top-level executives. Executives will receive the one-on-one coaching needed to build a corporate culture that drives for results, serves customers, and builds successful teams and coalitions within and outside the organization.

Bruce A. Thomas Coaching will enhance executive core competencies, including:


Benefits For Company/Organization

  • Greater effectiveness and productivity

  • Increased awareness and perspective

  • Increased sales, customers, new accounts

  • Retention of top talent

  • Fewer customer/employee complaints

  • Stronger vision of possibilities

  • Improved organizational culture

Senior-level managers will gain fresh perspectives. Each client will benefit from a customized approach that can take place in person, virtually, or in a combination.  By gaining access to the motivation they need to accelerate individual performance and reengage their teams, my executive coaching can fuel project-specific and company-wide success.

What Are The Benefits of Bruce A. Thomas' Executive Coaching?

Benefits For Individuals

  • Leadership development

  • Better communication skills

  • Increased confidence

  • Life balance

  • Sharpen decision-making skills

  • Stronger vision of possibilities

  • Improved relationships with team members

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