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Stress Less!!

Situations that can cause stress are often beyond our personal control - a late train, a flat tire, a sudden rain shower. But the stress we experience from such situations can be controlled to a certain extent.

I want to offer you 10 tips to help you prevent or reduce stress.

1. Change your perspective. If your train is late, you can either fume about it or use it as an opportunity to catch up on your correspondence. You could also take it as a chance to relax and do some deep breathing exercises.

2. Check your approach. Being willing to be change your usual way of responding can make a potentially stressful circumstance much more bearable. You have the ability to choose your response to stressors.

3. Give yourself breathing space. Stress is often a byproduct of feeling like you are in a hurry. Give yourself extra time to get to an appointment, park the car, and check in at the front desk. Having additional time can help you feel calm and collected.

4. Take care of your needs. Often, what we experience as psychological and emotional stress has its origins in physical stress. Taking care of your needs is sometimes as simple as drinking a glass of water, having a small snack, or taking a five-minute break away from your computer.

5. Give yourself a break. Practice taking a lighter approach with yourself, when you can. Everyone makes mistakes every once in a while, so avoid the usual spiral of stress and self-incrimination.

6. Do one thing at a time. While doing more than one thing at a time (multitasking) may feel efficient, it can be more than a bit stress-inducing.

7. Build up your reserves. Sometimes just feeling moe balance and centered can help prevent a stressful reaction. Having more resiliency can help you deal with stress in healthy ways.

8. Make time to calm the mind. Relaxation methds such as prayer and meditation are useful ways to bring your emotions into balance and keep stress at bay.

9. Flex your new muscles. It's only natural that you may experience a few bumps in the road as you start your new stress prevention efforts. Be open to the occasional lapse and return to strengthening your stress-prevention muscles by breathing deeply and letting go.

Contact Bruce A. Thomas Coaching to help you develop the strategies and support to prevent stress and improve your outlook on life.

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