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Your approach to life is in your control, even when you cannot control what happens around you. Still, remaining optimistic is not always easy. Employing these strategies may help you aim your thoughts, motivations, and behaviors in a positive direction to grow and maintain a happier you.


Throughout the day, your attitude can be driven by the silent conversations you have with yourself. Accordingly, those conversations can drive how you feel and behave. Substituting “I’ll never get this done” with “I know I can do the best I can,” may increase the odds of success. Stopping to listen to and redirect your own self-talk toward the positive can build confidence along with a better attitude when practiced consistently.


Which of your qualities and characteristics make you most proud? Further development in one of those areas helps increase a more positive sense of self, which can flow into other areas of your life. Pat yourself on the back now and again or write down accomplishments as you make them in order to establish your own system for positive reinforcement.


Learn to maintain your self-esteem by keeping the big picture in focus. Even though you may not be as happy or confident in one area of your life as compared to another, remember that everyone is subject to life’s highs and lows. It is normal to experience an ebb and flow in your attitude as a result, so try to acknowledge a challenge or mishap, and then move on.


Take responsibility for your own feelings and behavior, and focus on the facts rather than perceptions. You can be your own worst saboteur when you entertain irrational thoughts. Do you ever focus on a single negative detail, jump to a conclusion, and blow a situation or mistake out of proportion? Remind yourself to take time, and consider what actually happened as objectively as possible. Stay in the present, and take one step at a time to get yourself back on an even keel.


As much as possible, be with people who make you feel good. Whether at work or socially, positive influences help to keep your mood upbeat. Just like gossip, negativity can spread rapidly, and it is best to avoid getting drawn into these types of situations. Ask a good friend or loved one to point out when you begin to slip back into negative thinking habits, and seek out those treasured family members and friends to help you get back in a more positive spirits.

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